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Mark Zuckerberg gives his Apple Vision Pro review, says Quest 3 is the better product

By Shawn Tan - on 15 Feb 2024, 9:17am

Mark Zuckerberg gives his Apple Vision Pro review, says Quest 3 is the better product

The Meta Quest 3 headset costs US$499.99 while the Apple Vision Pro starts from US$3,499.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried the Apple Vision Pro and shared his thoughts in an Instagram video about how the Quest 3 is a better product.

Zuckerberg initially thought the Quest 3 offered better value than the Apple Vision Pro as the former only costs a fraction of the Vision Pro. However, his experience with the Apple Vision Pro suggests the Quest 3 is an overall better product in many things that people use mixed reality for.

He noted that both devices offer high-quality pass-through video with big screens. However, the Quest 3 is designed to deliver a better experience for "moving around, playing games, hanging out with friends, socialising and working out". 

 Zuckerberg says the Quest 3 is "just a lot more comfortable" as it weighs 120g lighter (515g vs 600~650g) and that alone makes "a huge difference on your face". He expressed his surprise at the number of trade-offs Apple made to deliver a higher resolution display (4K micro-OLED vs 2K LCD), especially in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

There are also "no wires that will get in the way" and the field of view is wider. The Quest 3's display is brighter with no motion blur, unlike the Apple Vision Pro.

Furthermore, the Quest 3 supports precision controllers which is good for gaming. While both devices support hand tracking, Zuckerberg found the Quest 3 to be "a little bit more accurate."

He finds the eye-tracking technology on the Vision Pro to be "really nice", but it is "not perfect for everything" such as typing or complex tasks.

Moving into content, Zuckerberg boasts that the Quest 3's immersive content library is "a lot deeper" and the Quest 3 allows users to watch YouTube or play Xbox. 

Summing up his thoughts on the Quest 3 and Vision Pro, Zuckerberg believes Meta's approach of an open model would ultimately prevail.

This isn't the first time that he has shared his vision (pun intended), that Meta wants to ensure its products are "accessible and affordable to everyone", and how Meta's strategy for the metaverse is "fundamentally social" in contrast to the Vision Pro where the user is usually alone in a space.

Even though Zuckerberg has valid points when he compared the Quest 3 against the Apple Vision Pro, history has told us that we should never write Apple off – especially when it's this early. 

Many are calling this video Zuckerberg's Steve Ballmer moment, because back in 2007, then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer quickly wrote off the iPhone saying that it did not have a physical keyboard and had no appeal to business users. We all know how that turned out. Apple recently overtook Samsung to be the world's biggest smartphone maker.

Source: @zuck via MacRumours

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