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"Major iTunes overhaul" to debut at WWDC 2016

By Cookie Monster - on 9 Jun 2016, 2:00am

"Major iTunes overhaul" to debut at WWDC 2016

 Image source: Apple

Besides a "more intuitive" Apple Music interface, Apple is said to be introducing a major overhaul of the iTunes app at WWDC 2016 next week.

According to Digital Music News, sources claim that Apple will be simplifying the iTunes interface in response to feedback that the interface is too complicated and has "bloatware". One of the key motivations behind the new design is to further differentiate iTunes music downloads and Apple Music streams, which has caused confusion among users. 

While Apple has denied eliminating music downloads on iTunes, sources of Digital Music News insisted that it will be phased out in the next few years as music downloads continue to decline and music streaming becomes more popular. The new iTunes app reportedly has the ability to "more easily drop iTunes music downloads" in the future if the business starts to collapse. 

The redesigned iTunes app will be available to users in fall alongside the new version of OS X and Apple Music. 

Source: Digital Music News, @markgurman via 9to5Mac

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