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Maingear’s Alpha 34 is the world’s first AIO that comes with 8-core Intel Extreme Edition and 18-core Intel Xeon processors

By Marcus Wong - on 5 Jan 2016, 3:24pm

Maingear’s Alpha 34 is the world’s first AIO that comes with 8-core Intel Extreme Edition and 18-core Intel Xeon processors

Now here’s an AIO that will satisfy even the most power-hungry gamers and graphics users.

The Alpha 34 sports the full power of a desktop PC. It comes with a 34” curved WQHD (3840x1440) display that can be powered by the latest workstation graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD. With multiple external video inputs and picture in picture capability, the Alpha 34 is perfectly primed to be an entertainment hub.  

Connect a gaming console or cable box and soak in the gorgeous display! Further to that point, the “performance gaming” configuration has support for graphics cards from the AMD Radeon R7 360X 2GB with FreeSync all the way up to the Nvidia GeForce Titan X 12GB with G-Sync, while the “professional configuration” will support up to an Nvidia Quadro M6000 12GB GDDR5 workstation graphics card.

The Alpha 34 uses standard desktop components so you get your usual ports on the rear.

The Alpha 34 is also fully upgradeable, using standard-sized desktop components. And it comes with support for additional monitors if you require even more desktop real estate. Two storage bays are available, allowing you to start with a RAID 1 or RAID 0 configuration right out of the box, and the system will support up to 32GB of RAM in two slots.

Overclockers will be pleased to know that it also features a maintenance-free closed loop liquid cooling system that keeps it cool and quiet, allowing you greater leeway for overclocking. In fact, Maingear is offering the use of their Redline overclocking system for even greater performance.

Despite the sheer size, the Alpha 34 is actually relatively slim given it uses a curved display.

To top it off, the body can be custom painted in nothing less than automotive grade paints with selection of colors that range from Alpine white to Saphire Blue, or even your own custom color! As Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of Maingear puts it: “The Alpha 34 is a super stocked modern dream car with old fashioned muscle under the hood that is perfect for gaming, movie watching or even designing in Adobe’s Creative Suite.”

Freshly announced at CES 2016, the Alpha 34 is ready for orders now and costs from US$1,999 for the standard base configuration to a whopping US$14,516 for the top-of-the-line model. For more information, check out the video below, or head to the Maingear Alpha 34 page.


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