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The main focus of the Apple Watch is actually health

By Cookie Monster - on 11 May 2016, 12:00am

The main focus of the Apple Watch is actually health


Looking beyond the expensive Hermès straps and 18-carat solid gold cases, the Apple Watch is actually created with a different purpose in mind - health.

According to Tim Bajarin from TIME, Apple wants to address the fragmented healthcare system and improve the overall health of its customers. Apparently, Steve Jobs' personal health journey battling pancreatic cancer from 2004 to 2011 influenced how Apple viewed the healthcare system. Bajarin believes Jobs gave Apple this task before he died.

Bajarin - I have long been observing these key moves around healthcare, which accelerated after Jobs’ death. It seems clear that Apple’s management has now and will continue to have a major focus on bridging the gap between a person and their healthcare providers. I believe Apple is on a mission to improve the overall health of its customers as well as that of the healthcare system, a task Jobs gave them before he died. And while Apple’s products define Jobs’ legacy, it may turn out that his and Apple’s greatest contribution may be to bring greater order to the fragmented healthcare world.

Bajarin shared that he recently visited one of Apple's labs dedicated to sports and health. For six days a week and 12 hours a day, Apple employees of various built, condition and ethnicity are brought to the labs where they engage in several physical activities under simulated temperature and weather conditions. 7 full-time nurses are reportedly present to monitor them with advanced medical equipment.

These lab experiments will help fine tune the sensors, radios and other monitoring technologies on the Apple Watch. If successful, the Apple Watch will be an integral part of our lives as it serves as a bridge between us and our healthcare providers.

Source: TIME

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