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Mac shipments grow 14% in Q3 despite global chip shortage

By Cookie Monster - on 13 Oct 2021, 12:00am

Mac shipments grow 14% in Q3 despite global chip shortage

The Apple 24-inch M1 iMac.

Despite supply constraints for the iPad and Mac in the second half of the year, Mac shipments managed to increase by 14% in Q3 according to data from Canalys. 

Canalys estimates that Apple shipped 7.82 million Macs in Q3 which translates to a market share of 9.3%. Compared to the same period a year ago, the annual growth is a whopping 14.4%. Apple is expected to launch new M1X-powered MacBook Pros in the coming weeks.

Lenovo led the market with 19.8 million units shipped and an annual growth of 2.5%, while Dell had the highest growth at 26.7% with over 15 million units shipped. Overall, the global PC market saw annual growth drop to 5% following five quarters of double-digit growth.

Nonetheless, Canalys says the global PC market achieved the highest level of third quarter shipments since 2012. Canalys cautions that the global chip shortage and disruptions to supply chains will be the main inhibitors of higher growth in the PC market. It believes the shortfall in supply of PCs will last well into 2022. Contract manufacturing company Flex claims the global shortage may continue into 2023. 2021 phone shipments are also believed to be affected badly by the chip storage.

Source: Canalys 

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