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M1 partners up with Samsung to offer world’s first Voice over 5G NR (VoNR)

By Liu Hongzuo - on 23 Jul 2021, 10:05am

M1 partners up with Samsung to offer world’s first Voice over 5G NR (VoNR)

M1 logo, post-rebrand.

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, or Galaxy S21 with M1’s 5G Booster Plan, you’ll have a new feature to look forward to soon. M1 has partnered up with Samsung to offer Voice over 5G NR (VoNR).

Based on the latest joint announcement they’ve made, M1 is getting ready for a market trial launch of 5G standalone (5G SA) come 27 July 2021. 5G SA is necessary for VoNR to happen since it uses made-to-spec 5G standalone architecture and network design.

Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra (left to right).

The underlying technology relies on the network having a 5G Core and IMS architecture (IP Multimedia Subsystem, a standard used for voice over LTE (VoLTE) and voice over 5G networks). M1 also said it was the world’s first to implement VoNR, although that claim also goes to Deutsche Telekom, who implemented VoNR using multiple 5G vendors.

According to M1, VoNR offers faster call setup times, more seamless voice call continuity, and an improved high definition quality call experience when compared to calls made via 5G non-standalone (5G NSA) networks. Of course, 5G NSA is still 5G - but the technology partially relies on existing 4G equipment, and it’s not fully representative of the larger 5G band.

The new VoNR feature will be available as an over-the-air update to compatible 5G Samsung devices on M1’s 5G Booster Plan, on top of getting data speeds “almost five times faster than 4G”. 

“We have once again reached a groundbreaking milestone in our 5G SA journey – to be the first in the world to successfully support VoNR service on our 5G SA network. We are glad to work with a like-minded partner like Samsung to achieve high-quality calls and a better 5G experience for our customers. With M1’s imminent market trial of the 5G SA network, we are excited to leverage 5G SA’s low latency, ultra-responsive, highly secured and high-throughput mobile connectivity to deliver high performance and reliable 5G services for our consumers and enterprises. This step in our 5G implementation journey is in line with the Keppel Group’s Vision 2030, which includes enhancing connectivity for communities,” said Mr Denis Seek, Chief Technical Officer, M1.

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