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M1 offers unlimited in-flight data roaming at S$25

By Liu Hongzuo - on 16 Dec 2015, 5:33pm

M1 offers unlimited in-flight data roaming at S$25

M1's latest in-flight data roaming service offers unlimited usage at S$25 a day.

M1 customers can now get the new unlimited in-flight data roaming with costs capped at S$25 per day.

The in-flight service by M1 is accessed via in-flight network provider OnAir, is currently available across 18 airlines. Airlines included from our region are Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air. Other airlines also include big names like Qatar Airways and British Airways. M1 also comes with a Network Lock feature, which protects their users from unintended usage on a non-preferred network, making it safer to data roam while traveling across vast distances and mobile networks.

The subscription to this in-flight service is free of charge, and it will charge S$0.20 for every 10KB used. The cost will be capped at S$25 a day. Pay-per-use customers will pay S$0.24 for every 10KB and their cost will be capped at S$30 a day instead.

List of airlines that are under the service.

“Now we can stay connected wherever we go, even while in the air. With our affordable in-flight data roaming service, travelers can stay in touch with their loved ones, answer important e-mail or simply get the latest social media updates,” said Mr P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer of M1.

Using Internet services during a flight is not new, but prices can vary depending on usage volume. For example, Singapore Airlines offer Wi-Fi at a time-based rate of US$11.95 (S$ 16.91) per hour, or volume-based rate at US$9.99 (S$ 14.09) per 10MB, depending on the type of flight. StarHub also offers a similar in-flight data roaming package via OnAir, and the unlimited data roaming package is capped at S$30 a day with extra 20% surcharge for pay-per-use customers. However, StarHub is charging S$25 a day for a limited time (until 31 December 2015) as a promotion.

For the uninitiated, OnAir is an in-flight network service provider. Not all planes come equipped with OnAir, or its competitor AeroMobile, and the unlimited data roaming packages are subjected to the availability of the respective in-flight networks, which is also dependent on the airline and the aircraft selected to provide in-flight data roaming services.

To learn more about using roaming data during your flights, go to the M1 page here.

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