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M1 goes all in on 5G by making all mobile plans 5G ones

By Ken Wong - on 22 Sep 2022, 4:08pm

M1 goes all in on 5G by making all mobile plans 5G ones

Image source: M1.

M1 has announced that all its mobile handset plans with come with the option of 5G connectivity on the telco’s 5G Standalone (SA) network.

This means all new and re-contracting customers will enjoy faster speeds, enhanced connectivity, and close to real-time network responses if they opt into M1’s 5G network.

The telco began giving out 5G SIM cards to new customers from the third quarter of 2021 with all new sign-ups only able to have 5G plans. Existing customers not on an M1 5G plan will be given a free 5G SIM card upgrade and the option to trade in their old phone for a 5G enabled one through M1’s trade-up program.

Once they get the 5G SIM, customers will have to go into an M1 service centre to choose a 5G plan, or the telco will choose a plan closest to their existing service plan. Customers can choose not to opt into a 5G plan and remain on M1’s 4G network until they recontract when they will be transitioned to 5G.

M1’s 5G SA network has reached 90% coverage of Singapore and supports 15 enterprise 5G use cases and partnerships, ranging from maritime drones to autonomous vehicles in smart estates.

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