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M1 and partners showcase workplace solutions powered by M1’s 5G SA network

By Ken Wong - on 26 Aug 2021, 11:08am

M1 and partners showcase workplace solutions powered by M1’s 5G SA network

Operation staff performing hands-free safety checks wearing headgear with 5G devices. Image courtesy of M1.

M1 and some of their industry partners held a showcase of intelligent solutions powered by M1’s 5G Standalone (SA) connectivity at Marina at Keppel Bay.

The three main telcos are launching their own 5G SA networks across Singapore.

Previous such showcases have mostly been proof of concepts (POCs) or solutions still in beta.  

M1 and Keppel Land are both part of the Keppel Group and some of the solutions will be deployed at the marina to elevate the waterfront lifestyle and yacht experience. The new services would enable high speed and further automate and streamline processes, boosting productivity and efficiency for maritime operators, M1 and Keppel said.

The autonomous cleaner can free up manpower for use in other areas.

Autonomous robots can be deployed for security and maintenance using M1’s 5G SA network for communications and tracking and monitoring. For example, an autonomous robot boat with a 5G enabled camera can be used to scan and collect garbage in the waters of the marina. This would free up manpower to be used in other areas.

This 5G enabled camera can keep an eye out for unauthorised access. Image courtesy of M1.

5G enabled surveillance devices can be used to monitor vessels entering and exiting the marina in real-time. This will help maintain the safety of registered vessels and the waterways with unauthorised craft entering triggering alerts.

This 5G enabled robot can help people who are lost. Image courtesy of M1.

On-site surveillance robots can carry out remote monitoring and provide remote assistance.


More than just on water

There were more than just maritime solutions at the showcase. M1 also brought in other 5G enterprise solutions partners across various industries including finance, retail and manufacturing with 5G-enabled ATMs, autonomous shops with enhanced video and data analytics capabilities and IoT applications for Industry 4.0.

Augmented reality and a smartphone can enhance the shopping experience.

There was a retail solution showing how a smartphone and augmented reality (AR) could be used to enhance the retail experience by calling up product and sales information simply by taking a picture of a product in a store.

M1 showcased a human sounding chatbot

M1 showed off a chatbot that sounded human and could even reply without sounding like it was using canned responses.

ITE students use AR to aid learning.

A local Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) showed how they used AR as a teaching tool by streaming teaching content over the Oculus Lens in a demo on the sidelines of the showcase.

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