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LTA, SMRT, StarHub & IBM Collaborate to Improve Transport with Data for Singapore Commuters

By Joy Hou - on 3 Jun 2014, 3:10pm

LTA, SMRT, StarHub & IBM Collaborate to Improve Transport with Data for Singapore Commuters

LTA, SMRT, StarHub, and IBM have announced a partnership to apply fusion analytics to create a state-of-the-art public transport system that will significantly improve the commuter experience across Singapore.

LTA-IBM FASTER Collaboration with Industry Partners - MOU Signing

With over 6.3 million passenger trips made daily on the Singapore public transport system, any disruption can impact the travelling experience of hundreds of thousands of commuters. This research collaboration brings Singapore another step closer to a people-centered, intelligent, and integrated public transport system designed to improve mobility and the liveability of Singapore.

The LTA and IBM will create a Fusion AnalyticS for public Transport Emergency Response (FASTER) blueprint for better crowd management and proactive information services by using data-driven analytic models that provide situational awareness, impact prediction and actionable insights for mitigating the anticipated impact.

As part of the FASTER agreement, the LTA and IBM will work together to combine farecard data and information from industry partners: SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) who will provide the video data from select MRT stations; and StarHub will provide anonymized telecommunications data for aggregate-level mobility analysis. By using data to extract actionable insights, transport operators and authorities will be able to provide better information services to their employees and passengers.

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