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Love Back to the Future? Got US$10K to spare? You're going to love this then.

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 23 Oct 2014, 9:50am

Love Back to the Future? Got $10K to spare? Then you're going to love the hoverboard!

 The Hendo Hoverboard in all its glory. Yes, somebody is actually making it a reality.

It's becoming a reality. The hoverboard is almost real!

The best thing is? YOU can have your very own... provided you have US$10K to spare. Come on, that's a pittance to get what you've always dreamed about!

We have no idea how the thing works (we're too busy imagining all the havoc fun we're gonna have) but from our (very) excited reading of the article, it has something to do with magnets and ummm... more magnets? Something to that effect.

What's important is that the tech is real and humanity needs your help in making it available to the masses. So go pledge something, anything! Sell your collector's edition game sets, Transformers Masterpiece collections... you get the idea.

Like any Kickstarter project, there are various tiers available. Some of them are your usual 'support-aid' (T-shirts and stuff) but get to the higher tiers and things start to get interesting, with miniature versions of the hovering device available as rewards. Still, it's the US$10K tier that contains what we all want; a real working hoverboard!

Here's hoping this is real and not just an elaborate hoax.

Now if only Nike would get a move on making those auto lacing sneakers! 2015 is just months away and we need to make our way to Hill Valley to meet Marty McFly! Oh and somebody needs to find out if this thing works on water too.

Source: Kickstarter