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Logitech's new M238 Wireless Mouse designs are colorful, look like pinatas

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 22 Jun 2015, 3:08pm

Logitech's new M238 Wireless Mouse designs are colorful, look like pinatas

There are 5 different designs in all, 3 of them are animal themed and the other 2 are simply patterned designs.

Now, before you get a bat and try to break one open, we're not implying that you should ever hit the new Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse from the Play Collection. We aren't even implying that the mice are filled with candy. We're saying that the mouse designs reminds us of pinata because they look so colorful and upbeat, reminiscent of pinatas (and Microsoft's Viva Pinata series), except of course these mice aren't filled with candy.

Logitech's new M238 Wireless Mouse comes in five different designs, three are based on animals and the final two are just geometric designs. We're lucky enough to have the three different animal ones, courtesy of Logitech. You can take a look at them in the header image and there'll be more images further in the post, but for now, here are the specs for the mouse:

Click on the image for  a bigger version.

Despite the Play Collection tag, the M238 Wireless Mouse isn't a gaming mouse. It isn't as customizable as some of Logitech's higher end offerings (like the Proteus Core) but then again, the M238 isn't targeting gamers. Rather the mouse is for normal everyday people, doing normal everyday work. For generic work, the 1000dpi sensor in the mouse is more than enough. It's also wireless and can last up to 12 months at a ago, on a single battery. 

Logitech was kind enough to send us the animal designs (though we didn't get the two geometric ones), which you can see below.

The red design is called Francesca Fox. It's also the only animal design with the eyes closed.

The Owl design is called Ophelia Owl. It's the only one of the three designs that comes with googly eyes. Don't worry, the eyes are just for show, the actual mouse doesn't have them on.

The final animal design is Marc Monkey, complete with hanging arms and a tail.

There are other designs other than the five available in Singapore. A quick check online showed that the M238 Wireless Mouse comes in other different designs as well.

We're missing the Lion (second from left, first row) as well as the three designs on the second row (other than the Owl).

Nonetheless, if you're easily swayed by bright colors and pretty things (like we are), you can get your own Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse right now for $29.

Source: Logitech

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