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Logitech’s AI-powered whiteboard camera gives online classes and meetings a perfect view

By Liu Hongzuo - on 22 Jun 2021, 1:17pm

Logitech’s AI-powered whiteboard camera gives online classes and meetings a perfect view

PowerPoint presentations with hundreds of slides aren’t fun for the people who make them or sit through them. They don’t carry the presenter’s intent with motion and illustration, like how whiteboards do. 

“If only there’s a way to bring a whiteboard into Zoom,” was probably what a Logitech executive wondered sometime during the ongoing pandemic. “I’m this close to drawing directly on my webcam’s lens,” he/she said, probably.

Logitech Scribe (top-left, wall-mounted).

With that, Logitech launched a new AI-powered whiteboard camera, the Logitech Scribe. The camera brings the collaborative and engaging experience into physically distanced online classes and meetings by facing the board.


Participant's view of the whiteboard via Logitech Scribe.

The camera captures dry-erase surfaces of six-by-four feet (182.88 x 121.92 cm), and the AI component makes the presenter transparent to other viewers, so nothing stands in the way of the board. Additionally, the AI enhances marker colours to make content easier to read. Unlike actual classes or meetings, everyone gets a front-row view of the whiteboard with Logitech Scribe.

Logitech Scribe uses a wall-mounted design, and it includes a wireless share button, mounting components, power supply unit, and category cables for easy deployment. 

“With the majority of Southeast Asia having to adapt to remote work and education, businesses have largely pivoted to a hybrid working model, while the education sector is increasingly embracing virtual and distance learning. However, there remains a gap in integrating non-digital content such as whiteboards, or sticky notes, into virtual meetings. Logitech Scribe closes the virtual and physical gap for meetings and lessons, allowing one to simply pick up a marker and draw on the whiteboard, facilitating an engaging environment to improve collaboration and enhance the learning experience. Thanks to its compatibility with popular cloud services like Teams and Zoom, we can now elevate non-digital collaborative content in high fidelity, in a seamless manner,” said Bryan Lee, Head of Video Collaboration, Logitech Southeast Asia. 

Currently, the Logitech Scribe is compatible with Microsoft Team Rooms and Zoom Rooms on popular meeting app Zoom. Further support for other online meeting tools will be available, but users can still operate the Scribe as a standalone camera via USB on a desktop or laptop.

Logitech Scribe.

The Logitech Scribe officially retails at US$1,199 (~S$1,612.89) onwards from 6 August 2021. It can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, and will be available in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

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