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Logitech launches new Signature M650 wireless mouse with two sizes

By Glenn Chua - on 20 Jan 2022, 2:40pm

Logitech launches new Signature M650 wireless mouse with two sizes

Image source: Logitech

Logitech has released the Signature M650 wireless mouse, designed to be an upgrade for knowledge workers, like coders or engineers, who may still be using corded or entry-level mice.

Logitech says that the M650 is focused around comfort and personalisation, and to that end, the M650 will come in two different sizes: a regular Signature M650 for small-to-medium hands, which measures 107 x 61.8 x 37.8 mm and weighs 101g, and a Signature M650 L for large hands, which upsizes the height, width and depth to 118 x 65.6 x 41.5 mm, and increases the weight to 111g.

The M650 also has some features related to noise level and productivity. Logitech is pushing its SilentTouch technology in the mouse, which the company says reduces the noise of its clicks by 90% compared to the Logitech M170. Joining it is the company's staple for its mice, SmartWheel, where the mouse wheel can switch between precision and fast scrolling.

The M650 also features two programmable buttons on the side, compatible with Logitech Options+, where you can map commonly-used functions like copy/paste to them. As the final part of its comfort pitch, the M650 also features texturised rubber side grips and a contoured shape.

The rubber side grips and contoured shape of the Signature M650. (Screenshot: Logitech M650 webpage)

Connectivity is rather standard as well, with support for Bluetooth Low Energy, as well as through Logitech's Logi Bolt USB receiver, sold separately. Logitech says wireless connectivity is good for a range of up to 10m

As for power, the M650 is strictly battery-operated, running off a single AA-sized battery which Logitech claims should be good for up to 20 months. It's also using Logitech's Advanced Optical Sensor, with a max dpi of 2,000.

Finally, Logitech is also pushing an environmental angle with the M650. The company says that a portion of the plastic parts in the M650 are made from post-consumer recycled content: 64% for the graphite colourway, 26% for the off-white one and 26% for the rose one.


Availability and pricing

No matter what size you get, the price of the Signature M650 stays the same at S$49. You get a choice of either a rose colourway, or a more regular black-looking graphite or offwhite. Availability is rather limited, however, with it being out of stock on Logitech's Lazada page, and nowhere to be found on their official Shopee store, so we'll keep you posted when it does pop up again.

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