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Location Based Games To Be The Next Big Thing

By Leo Boon Yeow - on 25 Jul 2011, 10:22am

Location Based Games To Be The Next Big Thing

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Mashable, the Social Media news site has made an educated prediction that may just come true. According to Moxie's trendspotter, Greg Steen, location based games is set to become the "killer app" for smartphones and tablets.

In his article, he cites up-and-coming social games like Shadow Cities which lets you "take over" territories around you. He also mentioned the ultra-popular game, Angry Birds, adding in social features that let people compete using their scores while in the same location.

Steen also went on to explain the implications that such games could have on how marketers -- looking for new and fresh ways to engage consumers -- can capitalize on such technology.

Imagine going to a shop, winning a mini Angry Birds tournament and get a free cup of coffee. Sounds good? Well it may become reality pretty soon. Now you finally have a legitimate excuse for all that time spent gaming on your mobile device!

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