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Local Arc Boards team is back with a bigger electric skateboard, the 121C Arc Aileron

By Alvin Soon - on 23 Mar 2017, 11:11am

Local Arc Boards team is back with a bigger electric skateboard, the 121C Arc Aileron

Last year, I got my ‘feet-on’ with the Arc Board, a compact electric skateboard made in Singapore and funded on Kickstarter.

Since then, the Arc Boards team has stayed busy. They’ve completed local deliveries of the Arc Board to the Kickstarter community and have now launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their new board, the 121C Arc Aileron.

When I tried the original Arc Board, I failed miserably to get on board and it was all captured on video. My video director, however, who skateboarded as a kid, had no problems stepping on and riding off. 

I might do better on the new 121C Arc Aileron, which has a bigger 30” deck. That makes the deck 40% bigger than the original Arc Board, and provides a more stable platform for beginners to get started with.

When I asked Ho Hung Yi, one of the Arc Board co-founders, why they wanted to do a bigger board, he told me they’d received feedback that some customers who took their Boards for long distance cruising wanted a more stable ride.

The Arc Board Team then worked with a US company named 121C, which makes ultra-lightweight, pure carbon fiber skateboards. Except for the carbon fiber deck, the remaining assembly, testing, and shipping of the Arc Ailerons are done in Singapore.

Besides the bigger board, the 121C Arc Aileron also has a bigger motor for more power output — it’s faster than the Arc Board, reaching speeds of 35km/h compared to 25km/h, with the ability to climb a higher hill incline. However, Arc Ailerons for Singapore will still be electronically limited to 25km/h to keep in line with LTA’s guidelines.

The 121C Arc Aileron’s Kickstarter was completely funded within 18 hours of launch, which suggests that a lot of people like the idea. Head on over to check it out.

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