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A live-action King Kong series is reportedly in the works for Disney+

By Kenneth Ang - on 24 Aug 2022, 11:39am

A live-action King Kong series is reportedly in the works for Disney+

Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment

To be entirely honest, I've never really caught on with the hype for King Kong in particular, though I do at least understand the appeal of watching giant monsters duke it out for supremacy. However, considering that there's some interesting news for the die-hard Kong fans to check out today, we'll just leave this particular conversation at that. 

Specifically, a yet-unnamed live-action series for pop culture's most iconic gorilla is reportedly being worked on by director James Wan's Atomic Monster studio. Written by Stephany Folsom of Paper Girls fame, the series, which is intended for release on Disney+ will delve into Kong's origin story, applying intellectual properties by Merian C. Cooper and Joe DeVito's subsequent novelisations as contextual scaffolding. 

On top of writing the narrative, Folsom will also be executive producing alongside Wan, Michael Clear, and Rob Hackett. World Builder Entertainment's Dannie Festa and Marc Manus will also be contributing their talents to the action-adventure drama. At the time of writing, Atomic Monster has yet to put forth any potential choices for the acting cast, much less a release window for the series, but as long as it fares better than MarVista Entertainment's now-canned series King Kong Skull Island, it'll probably be a step in the right direction.

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