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Little Printer - the World's Tiniest Cloud Printer?

By Dr. Jimmy Tang - on 29 Nov 2011, 11:57pm

Little Printer - the World's Tiniest Cloud Printer?

The new Little Printer is literally tiny and it can sit anywhere in your home, on your bookshelf, nightstand, on your shoe cabinet and even in your kitchen. It connects wirelessly to the web and it's all set up and connected to this service known as BERG Cloud.

From your smartphone, you access the services on BERG Cloud and configure your Little Printer via this online service. As such, you need not worry about drivers, firmware or software updates. The BERG Cloud takes care of it for you. All you need is to set up your subscription via your iPhone or Android smartphone and you can start printing on it.

According to the inventor, Matt Webb, "Connecting products to the Web lets them become smarter and friendlier – they can sit on a shelf and do a job well, for the whole family or office – without all the attendant complexities of computers, like updates or having to tell them what to do. Little Printer is more like a family member or a colleague than a tool."

But the question really is, why do we need yet another printer in the home or office? 

There's no better way to answer that than to watch the following video of Little Printer in action.

Little Printer will be available in 2012 and you can sign up to their mailing list for more information about the actual launch date. 

At launch, Little Printer is expected to work with services from Arup, foursquare, Google, the Guardian, and Nike. But as the printer really depends on their cloud service as the nerve center, the opportunities and potential for Little Printer are big.

Source : BERG Cloud

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