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Linksys miniaturized their Velop mesh networking system

By Vijay Anand - on 8 Jan 2018, 6:19pm

Linksys previews mini Velop mesh networking system

There's a new Velop mesh networking system that's coming soon and it's smaller in size than the original edition. There is one catch though.

You know the Linksys Velop mesh networking system, don't you?

A year ago, the Velop was one of the earliest to debut a true mesh networking system for consumers who needed total wireless coverage across large homes. And if their default solution wasn't enough, customers could easily expand coverage with further networking nodes.

This year at CES 2018, Linksys showed off a miniaturized edition of their well known Velop Wi-Fi mesh system. While we initially assumed it was advances in design that led to a smaller product, Linksys execs shared that this will not replace the original Velop. Instead, the new mini Velop mesh networking system will be using dual-band wireless networking as opposed to a tri-band design.

Left:- The new mini dual-band Velop. Right:- The original tri-band Velop.

What this means is that the new mini Velop is suitable for smaller coverage with less client devices to manage and less demanding needs, since it will have lower total throughput capability as compared to the original tri-band Velop. But it will also mean a more affordable solution than the original Velop, which is one of the more expensive options around.

No pricing, availability and other details have been revealed yet, but we'll be sure to update this piece once we gather more details. Even the name isn't finalized at the point of publishing.

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