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LifeHub+ will share Fitbit data with medical professionals to improve Singaporeans' health

By Ken Wong - on 14 Oct 2022, 8:18pm

LifeHub+ will share Fitbit data with medical professionals to improve Singaporeans' health

From left: Daryl Arnold (ConnectedLife), Johan Buse (StarHub), Dr Alex Yip (AH), Steve Morley (Fitbit). Image source: StarHub.

In the wake of Singapore’s pivot towards preventative care for citizens, StarHub, Alexandra Hospital (AH), and ConnectedLife with Fitbit have launched LifeHub+, a digital health service and app.

By giving permission, users who can benefit from preventative care (those in their 20’s to 50’s), can share their Fitbit data generated through the LifeHub+ app with their family doctor or General Practitioner (GP), a health coach from AH, caregivers, and even doctors from other healthcare institutions.

Users would be able to choose what generated data they want to share. This includes sleep patterns, heart rate, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation. Fitbit data which users choose to share are integrated into the LifeHub+ platform via the public WebAPI.

Doing so can result in the smartwatch rolling out reminders from health professionals to keep moving, and can be used to toggle reminders on medication, exercise, or scheduling medical check-ups.

It is hoped that early intervention will prevent lifestyle issues from becoming major health issues as the users age.

Dr Alexander Yip, a gastroenterologist and integrated care consultant from AH said that most GPs and doctors never get to see their patients beyond short periods when they get visited as the patient is sick. So, the data generated by the smartwatches can provide new insights like activity levels, sedentary patterns, sleep data, and user responsiveness to diets, sleep, and stress.

Image source: StarHub.

This could be combined with historical data from the user and parents to develop a long-term view of any potential impact of hereditary health issues like high blood pressure or heart problems.

According to Dr Yip:

This new digital health initiative leverages wearables to provide a rich source of information on the lifestyle of our patients, which helps our doctors and health coaches in AH improve patients’ health holistically through timely lifestyle interventions.

LifeHub+ will be offered free to doctors, while users will have to pay SG$9.99 per month. According to StarHub, more than 30 GPs have expressed interest in joining the new service and can nominate the first 300 LifeHub+ subscribers to be onboarded to the it.

These 300 subscribers will receive a free Fitbit device and access to ConnectedCare at no cost for the initial 12 months.

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