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Lian Li teams up with DAN Cases on all-new A4-H2O SFF chassis

By Hoots the Owl - on 11 Feb 2022, 2:31am

Lian Li teams up with DAN Cases on all-new A4-H2O SFF chassis

Image Source: Lian Li

Lian Li has teamed up with DAN Cases to create the A4-H2O, a compact 11L chassis that oozes minimalism. DAN Cases is known for its small form factor cases, and the A4-H2O is based on the design of its A4-SFX.

The case is designed by DAN Cases' Daniel Hasen but produced by Lian Li, combining DAN's design expertise with Lian Li's manufacturing capabilities.

The H2O in the name likely stems from the fact that the case has improved AIO water-cooling support. Despite its diminutive size, it can support a 240mm AIO and a triple slot GPU up to 322mm long. In comparison, the smaller A4-SFX will only take dual-slot cards up to 300mm in length.

Featuring a steel frame and anodised and sandblasted aluminium panels, the A4-H2O has perforated panels at the top, side and bottom to provide direct airflow to your hardware. The aluminium side panels are secured using snap pins, so it's a cinch to remove or install them.

The front panel can be removed to give you more room to work with, particularly when installing a large GPU. 

At the bottom, the aluminium panel can be done away with as well to mount the SSD out of the case and provide access to the PSU for easier cable management.

To keep its space footprint small, the A4-H2O utilises a unique sandwich layout. The mini-ITX motherboard tray and SFX or SFX-L PSU mounting bracket are located on the left, leaving enough room to mount a triple-slot GPU vertically on the right. Up top, a removable bracket can host up to a 55mm thick radiator and fans.

For storage, a single 2.5-inch SSD mounting area with rubber grommets sits at the bottom of the case.

The A4-H2O is available for pre-order now in either black or silver, starting at US$119.99 for the model with a PCIe 3.0 riser cable. The PCIe 4.0 version will cost US$154.99

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