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Lian Li’s new PC-08 case features two compartments and tempered glass panels

By Koh Wanzi - on 15 Jun 2015, 10:32am

Lian Li’s new PC-08 case features two compartments and tempered glass panels

Image Source: Lian Li

When you’ve shelled out a small fortune for a gaming system that both looks good and runs well, chances are you’ll want to be able to show it off. Most PC cases have a large acrylic window on their side panel that works fairly well, but Lian Li’s latest PC-08 mid-tower chassis kicks it up a notch with entire panels made of tempered glass.

This is a huge step up in terms of displaying your hardware. Acrylic scratches easily, and most side windows are set into aluminium or steel panels that don’t offer you the full view of your system’s innards. The full tempered glass front and side panel of the PC-08 allows you to take in your custom system in its full glory. What’s more, tempered glass is far more resistant to scratches than acrylic and contributes toward the overall aesthetic of the brushed aluminium case.

Appearances aside, the PC-08 features a dual-compartment design – one for the motherboard and graphics card and the other for storage drives and the power supply.

There are separate zones for the motherboard and graphics card and storage drives. (Image Source: Lian Li)

The case’s aesthetic does come at a price to air cooling though, and the motherboard compartment features only a single rear 120mm fan for exhaust. It looks like the PC-08 will serve liquid-cooling enthusiasts better, which is not surprising given that this is the crowd that most likely wants an unimpeded view of their hardware.

The Lian Li PC-08 is more suited for liquid cooling enthusiasts. (Image Source: Lian Li)

Fortunately, there is decent radiator support and users can install up to a 120 x 240 x 54mm radiator above the motherboard. The hard drive compartment sits behind the motherboard tray and features three 120mm fans on the front. These can be swapped out to accommodate up to a 120 x 360 x 70mm radiator.

There is decent radiator support for those who want to go the liquid cooling route. (Image Source: Lian Li)

There are almost no hardware limitations when it comes to installing your system in the PC-08. It is compatible with graphics cards up to 370mm in length and power supplies up to 298mm long. If you choose to go the air-cooling route, you can install a cooler up to 170mm in height.

The dedicated HDD rack fits up to six 3.5-inch hard drives and two 2.5-inch SSDs. It attaches to the chassis via four thumb screws, so you can easily remove it for a more convenient installation.

Finally, the case will come with an LED RGB kit that includes three waterproof LED lighting strips, cord clip, dimmer and controller. The three dimmer knobs are found on the back of the chassis and can be used to control each color independently.

The three adjustment knobs are located at the back of the chassis. (Image Source: Lian Li)

The PC-08 is slated for release this month with a price of US$395.

Source: Lian Li via Tom’s Hardware

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