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Lian-Li launches PC-Q10WX, mini-ITX case with all-glass side panel and water-cooling support

By Koh Wanzi - on 25 Sep 2015, 10:34am

Lian-Li launches PC-Q10WX, mini-ITX case with all-glass side panel and water-cooling support

Lian-Li PC-Q10WX. (Image Source: Lian-Li)

Remember the Lian-Li PC-Q21 which launched earlier this month? That particular mini-ITX case employed some creative mounting options to accommodate larger and more powerful components, but the new Lian-Li PC-Q10WX absolutely puts it to shame. With windowed side panels constructed entirely out of glass and the ability to take graphics cards up to 270mm, the latest mini-ITX case from Lian-Li is as fully-featured as can be for its size.

It measures just 207 (w) x 277 (h) x 335mm (d), which is as small as they come in a PC chassis market where large, full-tower cases often steal the limelight.

Despite the small dimensions, it has space for a 270mm long graphics card and a 150mm ATX power supply. Lian-Li has gotten even more creative here, and the PSU is intended to be mounted vertically at the front of the chassis, while the graphics card sits at the bottom. There's even space for a 140mm CPU cooler.

Image Source: Lian-Li

Storage drive mounts have been shifted to the bottom as well, and there’s space for up to three 2.5-inch SSDs, two 3.5-inch HDDs, or one of each type. These are of the tool-less type, so installation should still be a breeze.

Image Source: Lian-Li

You can also install two 120mm fans at the bottom in place of the storage drives, although it doesn’t look like these intakes are filtered.

The 5.25-inch optical drive bay is in another unconventional location. It slots between the PSU and the front panel and can take a slim drive of the slot-in variety. But if you don’t need an optical drive, you can install a single 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drive here as well.

There is a cut-out for a slim slot-in optical drive at the front. (Image Source: Lian-Li)

When it comes to water-cooling support, it can take an externally-mounted 240mm radiator at the top.

Finally, the case is made of brushed aluminium, save for the left side panel that’s constructed entirely of glass for an unfettered view of its innards.

The PC-Q10WX is available this month for US$119. Lian-Li also announced the PC-Q17, an ROG-certified case with a PSU shroud sporting an illuminated ROG insignia and additional storage drive mounting options. Unfortunately, it is a UK-only release for now but you can find out more about both cases in the video below:


Source: Lian-Li via Tom’s Hardware

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