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Lian Li just built a CPU water cooling block!

By Koh Wanzi - on 6 Nov 2015, 11:39am

Lian Li just built a CPU water cooling block!

Image Source: Lian Li

Lian Li is known for its simple and elegant case designs, but not much else. However, one might argue that PC cases and coolers are tangentially related, and you’d have a point there, because Lian Li just released its first ever CPU water cooling block.

Built in collaboration with Overclockers UK and Germany’s CaseKing, it features dual inlets at the top, a cold plate at the bottom, and some mounting brackets. The inlet and outlet ports use G1/4” threading, the near universal standard in custom water cooling.

The cold plate is a nickel-plated solid copper block, which also has a tin-cobalt plating for improved thermal transfer and corrosion protection. It measures 60 x 60mm, and there’s a separate microchannel structure above it to further bolster thermal transfer.

Pre-drilled holes on the clear acrylic top create space for 5mm LEDs. Lian Li has also included backplates for both Intel and AMD sockets, along with all the expected nuts and washers for installation. Although LGA 1151 isn’t explicitly listed on Lian Li’s website, the block will still work with the latest Intel Z170 motherboards because the brackets support the LGA 1151-compatible LGA 1155/1156 sockets.

The block will first be available to CaseKing and Overclockers UK customers in December for £44.

Source: Lian Li via Tom’s Hardware

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