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LG's Square Hom-Bot Optimizes Corner Cleaning

By Joy Hou - on 9 Sep 2013, 5:15pm

LG's Square Hom-Bot Optimizes Corner Cleaning

LG has announced that its Hom-Bot Square smart vacuum cleaner is now available in Singapore stores.

Image credit: LG.

The second generation of the Hom-Bot cleaner sports a new square-shaped design that cleans corners 89% more efficiently than conventional round-shaped models. The cleaner’s unique square design, hi-tech smart sensors and newly improved brushes (1.5cm longer than those in the previous model) are collectively called ‘Corner Master’. They enable the robotic cleaner to reach corners of the room more effectively than other cleaners.

Sensitive Dual Eye2.0 camera sensors scan the floor, sampling multiple images per second and then analyze the information to generate an accurate map of the space – even with dim lighting. The Learning Function in the Hom-Bot Square automatically remembers room designs and furniture locations, in turn, minimizing bumping and maximizing optimal coverage.

Packed with on-board ultrasonic and infrared sensors which enable the machine to detect and easily avoid obstacles in its path, it also features Turbo Mode, which allows the user to manually set cleaning functions to the specific requirements of their flooring. Additionally, Smart Turbo Mode enables the cleaner to detect the type of flooring and change its own settings automatically.

The LG Hom-Bot Square is available for S$1,299 at all LG authorized dealers.

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