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LG's Magic Remote, Finger Gesture and Smart Share Enhance TV Browsing Experience

By Wong Casandra, Ng Chong Seng & Vijay Anand - on 8 Jan 2013, 9:56pm

LG's Magic Remote, Finger Gesture and Smart Share Enhance TV Browsing Experience

With many manufacturers jostling to be unique with their TV offerings, there's one area that they are increasingly paying attention to - enhancing the user experience. Panasonic has their Swipe & Share 2.0 and voice functions; Samsung has its revamped Smart Hub and S-Recommendation; and well, LG has some rather interesting tricks up its sleeves as well. 

Backing up LG's new smart TV range is the LG's updated Magic Remote accessory and NFC-tagging supported SmartShare function. What the former does is rather interesting (and useful for couch potatoes) as it redefines how users utilize their TVs quite literally. While the remote continues to use four control options (voice, gesture, point, wheel), it boasts even more accurate speech recognition thanks to a new natural language recognition software. This allows users to search and dictate voice commands like internet browsing and searching. Thanks to accureate high resolution cameras built into the TVs, you can now simply change channels by writing numbers in the air - either with the remote, or even with your finger! In fact, you don't even need the remote to perform many of the commands and you can simply use your finger  by making small actions. This is much more comfortable as opposed to hand gestures that were popularly characterized by Samsung's ES8000 series TVs that can easily tire one out.

Thanks to high resolution cameras on the TV, it can monitor small movements accurately to support features like channel switching by writing its number in the air and even doing the same using your finger instead of the Magic Remote.

The Magic Remote comes in two models, one that comes with LG’s premium Cinema 3D Smart TVs and features LED-backlit buttons, and another for standard Cinema 3D Smart TV models. There are of course more functions that the magic remote can assist and there's a video detailing that in full.

LG's redesigned Magic Remote. (Image source: LG.)

On the other hand, SmartShare features one-touch NFC tagging to instantaneously transfer media content from one device to another using WiFi or 3G/4G. SmartShare will also support other protocols like Miracast and Intel WiDi to ensure all possible content sharing functions are supported to enable users to easily share multimedia and other content stored on a smartphone, laptop or other mobile device on the LG Smart TV.

At the end of the day, LG aims to take the complications out of the picture and let technology enable users to enjoy what they wish to do best as seamless as possible. That is LG's design philosophy in developing and improving their products - to make Life Good.

As these products trickle down the store in the months to come, you can bet HardwareZone will be there to assess and give you our verdict. If their passive 3D engineering is a sign of things to come (which was well executed and delivered), we believe LG is heading down the right path.

A snapshot of SmartShare working across multiple consumer electronics products, protocols and content types.

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