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LG to unveil a smarter version of V30 smartphone at MWC 2018

By Cookie Monster - on 14 Feb 2018, 12:00am

LG to unveil a smarter version of V30 smartphone at MWC 2018

The LG V30+.

Although LG is not unveiling its next flagship phone at MWC 2018, the company is planning to release a smarter version of the V30 flagship phone at the annual tech event.

According to SlashGear, LG will be announcing a "refreshed" LG V30 - also known as the 2018 LG V30 - which will come with some AI features. There is no official name for the AI platform, but LG is said to be positioning it as a suite of AI technologies that integrate with existing features. 

9 more voice commands are coming to Voice AI, which taps into Google Assistant. They include panoramic photo, food photo, time-lapse photo, slow-motion video, low-light photo, AI cam photo, image search, code scanning and shopping search. 

LG is also introducing Vision AI which is similar in concept with Bixby Vision. It does more than just image recognition for search and shopping; Vision AI aims to be the photography assistant on the phone and comes with a machine learning model trained from 100 million images.

It will analyze objects and recommend the best camera settings among 8 pre-defined modes. Vision AI also analyzes angles, color and reflections to give you the best recommendation. 

The most interesting feature of LG's AI platform is that it is not dependent on hardware. LG has plans to integrate some of the AI features with existing phone models. 

Source: SlashGear

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