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LG wants to put AI in every device in your home. ThinQ, next...

By Ken Wong - on 7 Jan 2020, 7:30pm

LG makes a move to have AI in everything

LG kicked off their CES 2020 with a presentation all around AI and having AI being a part of every device in the home.

LG CTO Dr IP Park spoke about ThinQ at CES and how the year 2020 will see LG connecting all devices together with an "Intelligent Touchpoint" with help from partners like Element AI.

Park spoke about there being four levels of AI. Devices in Level 1, the "Efficiency" level, have simple sensor capabilities and response functions. A Level 2 device would be able to learn from experiences and change its behaviour under “Personalisation”.

Level 3 or "Reasoning" allows AI to be designed to improve continuously as it draws from new data sources beyond the initial ones it was programmed with. "Exploration" is Level 4 where we find out what's best for users in terms of the AI responses.

Rolling AI out to other devices

LG showcased plans to roll out AI to more devices like televisions, refrigerators and even ovens.

Some examples:

  • LG Proactive Customer Care is a new service rolling out to more than one million LG appliances this year. This will allow LG to deliver maintenance notifications, and recommendations via Google Home to ensure your appliances stay in top shape at all times.
  • On the ThinkQ Oven, users can tap twice to view inside, perform air frying, and even send it cooking directions from your smartphone.

Other highlights

LG, as usual, announced a slew of other news as part of their CES 2020 showcase. Some highlights from these include:

  • LG's new OLED “Gallery Series” is made specifically for wall mounting, with a host of AI features. This is similar to Samsung’s “The Frame”

  • NextgenTV is a new broadcast standard for 8K designed for internet streaming service. There will also be continued support for the latest streaming services through LG's app platform. 
  • A new refrigerator that can create slow-melting craft ice.

These were some of the highlights from LG's press conference at CES 2020. Stay tuned as we look to get more information over the next few days and keep you updated. Visitors to CES 2020 from January 7-10 can visit the LG booth at #11100, Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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