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LG shows off 8K ColorPrime 98-inch TV with mind-blowing color and detail level

By Vijay Anand - on 8 Jan 2015, 10:15pm

LG shows off 8K ColorPrime 98-inch TV with mind-blowing color and detail level

Ready for a 98-inch 8K TV?

Early adopters are only now making the switch to 4K TVs, but LG has pushed the envelop to showcase an 8K TV using its latest technology called Wide Color LED and is branded as ColorPrime. Using a new LED package and color enhancer, WCLED can help increase the displayed color gamut by more than 20% over conventional LED technology by bringing about richer and deeper RGB colors.

Combine ColorPrime with 8K resolution and a huge 98-inch screen and what you get is an amazingly vivid and detailed display like you've never seen before. 8K resolution is four times the number of pixels displayed by a 4K screen (which is in turn four times more pixels than a Full HD screen). This mean an 8K TV has 16 times the number of pixels on its display! For your information, 8K refers to a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, 4K comes to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and Full HD is of course 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

While the 8K TV shown is just a technical demo, it shows what we can expect if the industry is ready to adopt this new standard. To give you a glimpse of what we encountered, we tried our best to capture a few shots of the TV's performance from the crowded show floor, so please excuse us of the less than ideal angles. All photos in this news piece are click-able and you can check the full resolution photos for details.

As a result of the angle and focus of the shot, the details are best seen in the center of the TV where the butterfly is present.

 Here's a close-up shot of the same photo displayed on the 8K TV, but from another angle.

The details on this native 8K resolution photo displayed on the 8K TV is so good, you could be mistaken to think those coffee beans were actually physically present on a large panel hung on the wall. The only thing that stopped us from buying into that thought was that we were standing in the middle of the largest tech show on earth and not at an art gallery.

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