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LG’s new OLED display technologies at CES 2023 fold in more ways than one

By Liu Hongzuo - on 4 Jan 2023, 12:21am

LG’s new OLED display technologies at CES 2023 fold in more ways than one

LG Display.

LG Display (the display manufacturing arm of LG) has a host of CES 2023 panel-related announcements to make, where the Korean brand promises to break new boundaries and improve lifestyles with high-quality panels in expanded usage scenarios.

Among the many new technologies LG will be showcasing at CES 2023 are a new 17-inch foldable OLED designed for laptops. LG said this panel can fold and unfold “in half”, with the durability of up to 200,000 folds that also minimises creases.

Source: LG Display.

Other panel technologies demonstrated are P-OLED (polyethylene or plastic OLED) and LTPS LCD (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) made for automotive use cases. For example, LG now has a 34-inch P-OLED that acts as a driver’s dashboard and navigation system, and a 12.8-inch control pad for driving called Fascia. LTPS LCD is demonstrated as a heads-up display (HUD) with 5,000-nits brightness for clarity while driving.

Other innovations include glasses-free 3D display panels, where viewers can enjoy 3D effects with the help of eye-tracking technology.

LG Display also has new panels for consumers, like its third-generation OLED TV panel that uses an unspecified “Meta Technology”. The lineup will see different display sizes, ranging from 27 to 97-inch OLED TVs which we'll you can read about more in a separate story.

Then, there’s also other “Movable OLED” concept designs that showcase the panel’s thin and lightweight qualities. However, LG did not elaborate further about Movable OLED besides saying it’s on display at CES 2023. One such concept panel is “OLED Glow”, a 27-inch display that’s height and angle adjustable with touch input. We'll be sure to check these out in the coming days at the CES show floor.

For gamers, LG also has 45-inch and 27-inch OLED panels that come with a “special polariser” for gaming.

Source: LG (newsroom)

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