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LG’s CES 2022 robotic servant could be coming to Singapore

By Liu Hongzuo - on 16 Mar 2022, 12:57pm

LG’s CES 2022 robotic servant could be coming to Singapore

LG CLOi GuideBot.

LG probably thinks we’re ready for more robotic assistants, seeing how its CLOi GuideBot (pronounced “Chloe”) was recently registered with our local authorities.

Over at the IMDA Equipment Search list, we’ve spotted the curious robot servant hiding among the midst of conventional telecommunications devices. 

The IMDA Equipment Search listing for LG CLOi GuideBot spotted in March 2022.

If you’ve not heard, CLOi GuideBot is designed to be a customer-facing robot assistant, similar to existing retail robots intended to guide consumers, provide shopping information, advertise products, and patrol venues.

LG showcased variants of the robotic assistant at CES 2022, which happened earlier this year. We weren’t expecting the robot to make its way here so soon.

According to LG, the CLOi GuideBot offers multiple use cases – it can be strategically placed around hospitals, serviced residences, shopping malls, and other public facilities to help provide information and ease crowds. Not only does it reduce face-to-face interactions with strangers, but the robot also helps to free up precious manpower needed for more intricate tasks elsewhere.

Don’t be too surprised if an LG robot takes your order or gives you directions sometime soon.

Source: IMDA

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