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LG unleashes 14 OLED TVs, Real 8K, GX Gallery, enhanced AI and even a 48-incher

By Ken Wong - on 8 Jan 2020, 7:12pm

LG CES 2020 OLED lineup

At CES 2020, LG unveiled 14 new OLED TVs led by three new art-inspired GX Gallery series 4K Ultra HD models.

Image courtesy of LG

The GX Gallery series 4K UHD models come in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch class models, and are able to hang completely flush on a wall thanks to an ultra-thin form factor; the 65-inch model being a mere 20mm thick for example.

There are two classes of 8K TVs from LG in 2020, all exceeding the stringent requirements needed to display the official industry 8K UHD logo from CTA.

There're the 88-inch and 77-inch ZX OLED Real 8K models and the NanoCell TV lineup with six more Real 8K TV models (75-inch and 65-inch models) in the Nano99, Nano97 and Nano95 series.

Besides pushing 8K, LG is also offering new versions of their CX and BX 4K UHD models in 77- inch, 65- inch, and 55-inch sizes.

LG is also bringing OLED picture quality to an all-new screen size, a 48-inch CX 4K UHD, which reproduces even sharper picture quality with 8 million-plus pixels on a 48-inch screen. That's a pixel density comparable to that of a 96-inch 8K TV.

The tech that powers it

But it’s not all about screen size and how many pixels the screens have. LG is adding key features that will extend the capabilities of their TVs.

Image courtesy of LG

These include:

A9 Gen 3 AI processor: This advanced processor leverages upgraded processing power and artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms to improve on LG’s picture quality and enable a host of specialised features for various types of content including movies, games and sports, taking the user experience to new heights.

Filmmaker Mode: With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the new Filmmaker Mode delivers images the way directors intended by disabling certain post-processing effects (such as motion smoothing, noise reduction and sharpening) while perfectly preserving correct aspect ratios, colours and frame rates, to deliver the original vision of the director.

webOS updates: 2020 LG OLED and LG NanoCell TVs users will have access to more programming from content providers through apps and services such as Disney+, Netflix and CBS All Access. New for 2020, the Apple TV app allows customers to subscribe and watch Apple TV+ and Apple TV channels as well as access their iTunes video library and buy or rent more than 100,000 films and TV shows. Customers with 2018 and 2019 LG TV models will also be able to enjoy the Apple TV app this year.

Sports: Sports Alert helps users to keep track of their favourite teams and schedules and notifying them as soon as a team scores. Users can select their favourite teams in various sports and receive automatic updates at the start of a match, whenever a team scores and when the game ends. There is also enhanced sound by connected the TV to Bluetooth speakers to create a more dynamic soundscape to create a real stadium environment.

Gaming: LG’s 2020 TVs are also ideal for gamers, thanks to their NVIDIA G-SYNC support. LG added that some 2020 models will also have support for AMD Freesync.

For more information

LG has not released any pricing of the new TVs but visitors to CES 2020 can drop by their booth for more information and hands-on time with them.

LG hasn’t just announced new TVs for CES 2020. They have also announced an indoor vegetable cultivator, new soundbars and new home cleaning equipment.









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