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LG launches smaller capacity TwinWash washing machines for smaller homes

By Alvin Soon - on 2 Jul 2018, 11:11am

LG launches smaller capacity TwinWash washing machines for smaller homes

LG’s 2018 TwinWash series now comes in smaller capacities, for homes that have less to wash or are space constrained. The smaller machines are also more affordable. The new TwinWash washing machines include washer-only and washer-dryer models, with 8kg, 9kg, 8/5kg, and 9/6kg.

The TwinWash washing machines were first introduced in 2015. They combine two washing machines into one; a larger main washer on top, and a mini washer on the bottom. This allows users to wash either two loads at once, or one at a time. It can be useful if you want to separate your white fabrics from colored clothes, for example, or if you want to wash some dirty clothes right away without waiting for a full load.

The TwinWash washing machines were first only available as a paired unit. But the main washer and mini washer can be purchased separately now, and you can add the mini washer later. The mini washer now also pairs with dryers, not just washers.

Washing machines have always come with convoluted model names, so I‘ll try to make this simple. There are now nine TwinWash main washers that are compatible with mini washers, and three TwinWash mini washers are available. They’re not all interchangeable, the T2735NTWW 3.5kg mini washer, for example, can pair with the F2721HTWW and F2718RVTV main washers.

All three TwinWash mini washers come with LG’s inverter direct drive technology, 3 motion wash, two water efficiency ticks, and are made in Korea. The TG2402NTWW and TC2402NTWV have eight washing programs, while the T2735NTWV has six.

LG’s new TwinWash main washers for the year come with previous features, like the inverter direct drive and steam wash. They’re also Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to LG’s SmartThinQ app. This is so that the washers can be updated with new washing programs and controlled remotely. I’m not sure how many people would trigger their washing machines from the office though.

If all that has been confusing for you, these screenshots from the LG TwinWash brochure should help clarify the details for you (click to see it in higher resolution).

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