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New CLOi UV robot from LG to help disinfect high-traffic areas

By Ken Wong - on 15 Dec 2020, 4:29pm

New disinfecting robot from LG to bring peace of mind for places with high-traffic areas

The new UV-C disinfecting robot. Image courtesy of LG.

In a time when countries and economies are looking to reopen in the wake of Covid-19, keeping the virus at bay when in crowded areas is still a large concern, LG’s new CLOi UV robot is designed to use ultraviolet C (UV-C) light to help disinfect high traffic areas where proximity and touching is a concern.

According to LG, there are different LG CLOi robots, such as the LG CLOi Home for consumers which acts as a hub to connect with other LG ThinQ appliances in the home. However, this LG CLOi family of robots is not available in Singapore at the moment.


More than consumer use

The new robot is part of LG's CLOi family like this cute guy. Image courtesy of LG.

Using UV-C light the new CLOi UV robot’s design is meant to give it the ability to navigate around tables, chairs, and other furniture. According to LG, depending on the size of the room, the robot could potentially disinfect a room’s touchable surfaces in 15 to 30 minutes, disinfecting multiple areas on a single battery charge.

Vice president Roh Kyu-chan, head of the robot business division in LG’s Business Solutions Company, said:

“This autonomous UV robot comes at a time when hygiene is of the highest priority for hotel guests, students and restaurant customers. Consumers can have the peace of mind that the LG UV robot will help reduce their exposure to potentially harmful germs.”

LG’s new UV Robot can be integrated into existing cleaning routines using a tablet or mobile phone to issue commands, updates, and to monitor progress, all without the need for extensive staff training or requiring an operator.

Any concerns about exposure to UV light can be addressed with the built-in safety lock activated by human motion detection sensors, pressing an emergency stop button or via the mobile app.


Pricing and availability

The robot can be controlled via an app. Image courtesy of LG.

This isn’t the first cleaning robot in Singapore malls, nor is it the first to be developed to use UV light to disinfect areas. But while some concerns remain around the efficacy of UV light in combating Covid-19, its use is becoming more accepted.

As of today, LG is unable to give us any pricing or when it is expected to be available for deployment. We will update this article when we have any updates.

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