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LG Announces SDK for QuickRemote Platform

By Joy Hou - on 14 Oct 2013, 5:53pm

LG Announces SDK for QuickRemote Platform

LG has announced the global availability of the SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers to create new functions on LG's upgraded QuickRemote platform, a UX feature which allows the use of certain LG smartphones (like the LG Optimus G Pro, and the LG's flagship G2 smartphone) as a universal remote control.

The enhanced QuickRemote v3.0 will debut on the LG G2. Developers can create customized QuickRemote solutions for a variety of users, such as larger text and buttons for the elderly or animated buttons for the young at heart. Macro buttons to control multiple devices with a single press, such as controlling TV and set-top box together, is also possible with the QuickRemote SDK. Apps developed using the new SDK can be shared on LG SmartWorld or Google Play.

QuickRemote, which first debuted on the LG Vu II, provides an easy-to-use interface for users to control their TVs, set-top boxes, audio systems, or even air conditioners. QuickRemote v3.0 has been fused with the intelligent Learning Function and the ability to control a wider range of devices. With the Learning Function, QuickRemote can be "taught" to replicate any IR (Infrared) remote control device, regardless of the manufacturer.

The QuickRemote SDK for developers is now available for downloading here.

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