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LG 2023 TVs adds Amazon Luna and 4K res NVIDIA GeForce Now to its cloud gaming repertoire

By Liu Hongzuo - on 9 Jan 2023, 12:25pm

LG 2023 TVs adds Amazon Luna and 4K res NVIDIA GeForce Now to its cloud gaming repertoire

An LG TV using its WebOS interface to display NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming service on its display. Source: LG.

LG decided to squeeze one more announcement in just before CES 2023 ends today (9 January 2023 Singapore Time). The Korean electronics brand announced that its LG TVs now support two more cloud gaming services – Amazon Luna, and 4K streaming for NVIDIA GeForce Now

GeForce Now was already available in Full HD resolution (1080p) on LG TVs launched in 2021 and 2022. With this announcement, LG extends GeForce Now to 2020 LG TV models, on top of bringing 4K resolution support with 60 frames per second “on select models later this year” for GeForce Now Ultimate users, which is a brand new tier that was just announced

These cloud gaming options are housed within LG’s built-in smart TV ecosystem – WebOS 2023 – via the LG Game Card icon. Both Amazon Luna and NVIDIA GeForce Now add on to existing LG cloud gaming alternatives like Blacknut, Utomik, and Boosteroid

As most users would already understand, cloud gaming relies on an active Internet connection to stream game titles you already own or purchased on its related service. To give you an example – GeForce Now lets you play games you own, including supported titles you have on Steam and Epic Games. You don’t actually download the game’s asset files or update patches onto your LG TV – all you need (additionally) is an appropriate controller for the game, and the entire experience is streamed to your TV via the Internet.

For Amazon Luna (available only in the U.S. at the time of writing), there’s a free tier for Amazon Prime members which includes a list of games (rotated regularly by Amazon). There are also different subscriptions, either by Channels or with Amazon’s partners if you have a specific taste for certain publishers or games.

LG’s long-time rival, Samsung, has Samsung Gaming Hub, which offers cloud gaming access to similar services, on top of Xbox Game Pass (where a monthly fee lets you play Microsoft’s entire games library).

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