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The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 is the world’s first workstation powered by AMD’s new Threadripper

By Aaron Yip - on 15 Jul 2020, 5:45pm

The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 is the world’s first workstation powered by AMD’s new Threadripper

Lenovo has announced a new and interesting workstation – the ThinkStation P620. A first for the workstation segment, the ThinkStation P620 is the only professional workstation today powered by AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors. We have briefly covered the Ryzen Threadripper PRO’s specifications before, but Lenovo claimed it is the most powerful single-socket CPU that even rival existing dual-socket solutions. With up to 64 cores, Threadripper PRO processors also offer clock speeds up to 4.0GHz, 128 lanes of PCIe 4.0 bandwidth, and 8-channel memory support.

Today’s single-CPU processors have a maximum core count of 18, while the highest a dual-processor system could support was 56. The result of 64 cores should be seamless 8K video streaming in real time, reduced render times, faster simulation solving, and other benefits that come with parallel performance.

The ThinkStation P620 includes support for up to two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 or four RTX 4000 graphics cards, up to 512GB DDR4 3200MHz memory (8x64GB DIMM modules), and a maximum of two M.2 SSDs with 2TB each (for a maximum of 4TB in total). If that storage capacity proves insufficient, the PC also has four 3.5-inch HDD options that grants 16TB – for a total massive 20TB of storage.

With so much power output, there is potential for a lot of heat going on inside. And that’s not a good thing for any workstation – which are also more often than not left running 24/7. So Lenovo and AMD collaborated on an air-cooled solution with a custom-designed heatsink for better heat management.

The ThinkPad P620 workstation will support Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (certified) operating systems. AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors also feature the AMD Secure Processor, which validates code before it is executed to help ensure data and application integrity, as well as AMD Memory Guard, which enables full memory encryption to help protect sensitive data against advanced physical attacks should a PC be lost or stolen.

Lenovo hasn’t announce the pricing options but confirmed that the ThinkStation P620 will be available starting in September 2020.

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