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Lenovo made a Smart Clock with Google Assistant built in

By Koh Wanzi - on 9 Jan 2019, 3:00am

Lenovo made a Smart Clock with Google Assistant built in

Lenovo Smart Clock

The smart home ecosystem continues to grow, so why not make a clock with AI smarts built in? Lenovo today announced the Smart Clock, an intelligent clock that comes with Google Assistant.

For starters, the Smart Clock features a 4-inch touchscreen IPS display with a 480 x 800-pixel resolution. It is powered by a MediaTek 8167S 1.5GHz processor and has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of eMMC storage. Audio is provided courtesy of a single 1.5-inch 6W speaker and two passive radiators, which the company claims is loud enough for even a large bedroom.

Lenovo says the Smart Clock can help you get started on your day by helping you manage daily tasks, control your smart home, and enjoy audiobooks, music, and podcasts. You can also check the clock for things like weather and traffic information. 

In addition, you can set up custom "good morning" and "good night" routines to make it easier to start the day and wind down for the night. For example, a typical "good night" routine could consist of things like automatically turning off the lights, locking the doors, and playing some relaxing music. 

The Smart Clock can be configured as part of a multi-room setup as well, and you can set it to play music across multiple devices in different rooms. It also supports Google's Chromecast, so you can instruct it to stream shows on your TV with just a voice command. 

Image Source: Lenovo

Furthermore, the Smart Clock fits in nicely with the fabric-covered aesthetic of devices like the Google Home smart speakers. It's backed by a soft-touch grey fabric and will blend in pretty easily in most homes. 

If you're concerned about privacy, there's also a physical button to mute the microphone when you need to. 

Finally, there's a USB port at the back as well, so you can charge your phone overnight while sleeping. 

The Smart Clock will cost US$79 and is expected to be available in Q2 2019. 

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