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Lenovo Experiential Day: This is Lenovo's vision for a smarter Singapore

By Aaron Yip & Glenn Chua - on 13 May 2022, 10:44pm

Lenovo Experiential Day: This is Lenovo's vision for a smarter Singapore

Image source: Lenovo

Lenovo wrapped up its Experiential Day 2022 event yesterday (12th May), where it showcased some new 'experiences', or new solutions to working and learning in a hybrid home and workspace environment that grew from the pandemic. The first of its kind held by Lenovo in two years, the event focused on making workplaces smarter and more personalised.  

Some of these new experiences, showcased through a series of zones at the event, included a series of Building and Workplace Solutions. This experience consisted of six solutions that highlighted ways to make the workplace a bit more efficient in the hybrid working environment, including:

  • Workplace Booking, a scheduling software showing real-time workspace occupancy
  • Workplace Analytics, shown through a dashboard that provides space usage data through heat and motion sensors
  • Digital Signage, which turns static screens in high traffic areas into screens showing important updates
  • Smart Locker, a self-service storage system
  • Smart Collaboration, a meeting room solution with video conferencing software and devices, secured by Lenovo's ThinkShield digital security platform

Other zones included Lenovo Smart Learning and Smart Distance Learning. The former centred around Lenovo Aware, which is a piece of software that helps users maintain better health practices while working at their PCs, such as helping users improve their posture and cut down on screen time. The latter focused on helping professionals better prepare for presentations and seminars virtually. 

The next two zones Lenovo showcased include Lenovo ThinkReality, its TGX Remote Workstation Software. The first of these, Lenovo ThinkReality, honed in on AR and VR technologies and their use in the workplace to facilitate collaborative remote work. This included a showcase of the company's ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses, which are a pair of smart glasses for creating virtual workspaces, such as a virtual monitor to complement your laptop, and which are part of Lenovo's ThinkReality platform.

As for the TGX Workstation, users of Lenovo workstations can utilise NVIDIA Quadro and TGX Remote Workstation software to help with data encoding and decoding and graphically intensive workloads. Lenovo also showcased its Self-Checkout Kiosks for retailers.

The final zone, dubbed the Future of Work zone, was about sustainability. Utilising Lenovo's Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) system to help cut the company's emissions in half by 2030, the DaaS helps identify what devices would suit what kinds of businesses in order to cut down the cost of ownership for employee technology, what Lenovo called a "lease-like model". It also showed how Lenovo Asset Recovery Services, which is a service that helps business tech owners to get the most value out of their obsolete devices, along with their CO2 Offset Services, mitigate the environmental risks of disposing out-of-date hardware.

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