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Led by ColorPrime, LG is set to unleash a slew of 4K TVs at CES 2015

By Ng Chong Seng - on 30 Dec 2014, 4:05pm

Led by ColorPrime, LG is set to unleash a slew of 4K TVs at CES 2015

(Image source: LG.)

It looks like LG Electronics has more tricks up its sleeve this coming CES besides TVs running WebOS 2.0 and using quantum dots. The Korean TV maker has announced that it’ll be unveiling another technology called Wide Color LED.

According to LG, its Wide Color LED tech uses different phosphor-based LEDs to realize greater color depth and more lifelike images. With its Quantum Dot tech also trying to achieve the same things, it’s hard to tell which is the superior technology (though quantum dot definitely sounds cooler). That said, comparing these two different releases (1, 2), it seems like QD tech has a slight advantage as it brings about a 30% increase in color gamut, compared to Wide Color LED’s 25% improvement. Regardless of the technology used, it looks like the new TVs will be marketed under a newly created ColorPrime series. (Update: Seems like only the UF9500 uses WCLED and has the ColorPrime branding; the UF9400 uses the quantum dot tech.) (Update 2: LG has clarified with us that a ColorPrime TV can be using either QD or WCLED tech.)

In the U.S., LG will be launching nine series of LCD TVs in 2015. They’re the UC9, UB9800, UF9500, UF9400, UF8500, UF7700, UF6800, and UF6700. And yes, these are all 4K TVs. As usual, we expect the model names and feature sets to differ slightly when they hit our shores sometime next year.

Features-wise, it’s no surprise that these TVs will continue to use LG’s IPS 4K panels. There’s a True Black Control local dimming tech to enhance contrast and black level response, as well as a new Natural Color feature for minimizing color reproduction errors and a Contrast Optimizer for maximizing color contrast and brightness. And as if modern TVs aren’t already thin enough, the 4K TVs adopt a new Ultra Slim concept, so you can expect clean designs and very slim bezels. Other features include 4K upscaling, built-in 4K/60p HEVC decoding, and of course, the upgraded WebOS 2.0.

But LG did reserve something for its higher-end series. The UC9, UB9800, UF9500, UF9400, and UF8500 are equipped with a multi-channel Ultra Surround System, developed in partnership with Harman/Kardon. These speakers are forward-firing to make them more compact but effective. In addition, the UF9500 will have “an integrated Auditorium Stand designed to reflect and centralize sound for maximum performance”.

With LED LCD TVs out of the way, it shouldn’t be long before LG reveals its OLED plans for 2015. Say, how about some flat and curved 4K OLED TVs?

Source: LG, PR Newswire.

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