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Leaked: 4 upcoming NVIDIA Pascal graphics cards?

By Vijay Anand & John Law - on 3 Apr 2016, 9:16am

Leaked: 4 upcoming NVIDIA Pascal graphics cards?

NVIDIA's Pascal GPU architecture may come in two different memory formats: One with HBM2, and one with GDDR5X. <br> Image source: WCCFTech.

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2016 will soon be upon us, and one of the things that we’re most looking forward to is the debut and unveiling of the company next-generation GeForce cards and its accompanying Pascal GPU architecture (which will obviously be presented by none other than Jen-Hsen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA).

But NVIDIA has been keeping any additional information regarding its next-generation flagship GPU architecture close to its chest. In fact, one could almost say that the company is hunkering down in preparation for their big presentation in April, so any additional information leaked to the Internet would spoil the surprise.

Unfortunately (for NVIDIA, in any case), this is the age of the Internet, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to leak the shipping manifests of what appears to be four separate NVIDIA Pascal graphics cards, shipped out on two separate occasions.

This shipping manifest details two NVIDIA cards being shipped out. These cards were supposedly valued at US$600 and US$900, respectively. <br> Image source: WCCFTech.

Based on the findings by WCCFTech, these cards, which were valued at US$600, US$700, US$900, and US$1,100 respectively, were spotted being shipped out on a shipping manifest from a company originating from India. Not surprisingly, the company, Bangalore Air Cargo, is actually the same company that has previously shipped all of NVIDIA’s cargo to their facilities in recent history.

After a little more digging, tech site WCCFTech found out that an additional two cards were shipped out to NVIDIA's facility at an earlier date, with the value of each card being US$700 and US$1,100 respectively. <br> Image source: WCCFTech.

While the manifests provide no details, we’re going to be making an educated assumption that it’s highly likely that the top-tier GP100 (also known as the ”Big Pascal”) is one of those cards in the list.

As a recap: NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU architecture is poised to become the successor to the company’s current Maxwell GPU architecture. Based on the new 16nm process, the new architecture will reportedly be 10 times faster than Maxwell, and if the current rumors on the Internet are anything to go by, NVIDIA will be releasing two variations of the new graphics card:

  • The first set of cards will be fitted with the second generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2), the successor to the first generation HBM which was first created by AMD. It’s very likely that the GP100 will be fitted with this new memory format.
  • The second set of cards will be fitted with their own proprietary GDDR5X, which is essentially an upgrade over the current (and already dated) GDDR5 memory format.

Source: WCCFTech.