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Latest Razer Cortex update supports VR titles

By Liu Hongzuo - on 2 Nov 2015, 3:54pm

Latest Razer Cortex update supports VR titles

Razer Cortex - now with VR support for titles and devices.

Virtual Reality isn’t new technology per se, but we can mostly agree that there’s much to explore and experiment in VR, especially VR gaming. Razer’s game discovery and management client, the Razer Cortex, now supports VR titles and devices thanks to its latest update.

The VR tab is where all VR-related content will be housed under.

Once your Razer Cortex game launcher is updated, there will be a VR tab for easy access to VR titles. Currently, the Razer network supports a total of 140 free and paid VR titles. Titles include a variety of content, such as games, and cinematic VR.

Currently, a variety of VR headsets are compatible with the latest Razer Cortex update. The user can filter VR content based on headset or controllers they own. The update also supports OSVR – Open Source Virtual Reality – a Razer initiative that pushes for an open standard and cross-compatibility for VR content, as well as input and output devices. The Razer-made OSVR Hacker Development Kit v1.3 device is compatible with the game launcher.

The VR feature has compatibility with a variety of VR devices, and the client will help you get to compatible content with its content-to-device filter.

Besides VR support, the Razer Cortex is a program that manages a user’s existing catalog of games, and it also works as a discovery aid, similar to fellow game launchers like Valve’s Steam and EA’s Origin. There’s a Deals section in Cortex where it would automatically find the best promotions by comparing price differences across third-party digital stores. The Boost feature built into the Cortex client improves a game’s performance, and the save-state of games is automatically backed up using Cloud storage via the integrated Save Game Manager feature. You can download Cortex on Razer’s official site here.

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