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The Korea Times: Samsung Galaxy S6 "Iron Man" version available next month

By Cookie Monster - on 6 May 2015, 9:14am

The Korea Times: Samsung Galaxy S6 "Iron Man" model available next month

 Image source: Seeko

What was once a rumor is now reality - Samsung is introducing an Avengers-themed model of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge next month.

According to The Korea Times, Lee Young-hee, head of marketing for Samsung's mobile division said that the new model will reflect design aspects of Iron Man's red/gold suit. The company is expected to share more details after discussions with Marvel Studio. 

The Korea Times -"The color of the new Iron Man phones will be red. We will decide on other details soon after discussions with Marvel Studio. It will be released either at the end of May or early June," said Lee Young-hee, head of marketing for the company's mobile division.

Shin Jong-kyun, mobile chief at Samsung, also shared with the news site that sales of the Galaxy S6 models are "cruising smoothly" without revealing specific sales numbers. Shin also commented that production of the Galaxy S6 increased this month compared to April.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 models are currently available in the following colors: white pearl, black sapphire, gold platinum. The Galaxy S6 will sport an exclusive blue topaz tone while its curvier counterpart will come in green emerald. A red/gold model will be a nice addition, right?

Source: The Korea Times

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