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Kohler wants you to speak to its new PerfectFill bathtub at CES 2022

By Glenn Chua - on 4 Jan 2022, 5:47pm

Kohler Smart Bathroom CES 2022

Image Source: Kohler


Oh woe is me, who has not space in my apartment to install any kind of bathtub, let alone Kohler's new offerings intended to level up the smart bathroom space. 

The company is showcasing two installations at CES 2022. First up is  PerfectFill, an integrated system consisting of a smart drain, bath filler and digital controller that aims to reduce the amount of time spent monitoring your bath when it's being drawn. Through the Kohler Konnect app or a voice command, you can run a bath to the depth and temperature of your liking without having to keep your eyes peeled, automating the process. 

Image Source: Kohler

PerfectFill allows for 10 presets, for multiple people living in your household, or if you have different needs and wants when it comes to your perfect bath. It will cost you quite a bit though. Kohler wants US$2,700 for the PerfectFill system, which the company is making available starting May 2022.

Stillness Bath

If a smart filling bathtub is too pedestrian for you, how about a US$8,000 spa tub instead? 

Image Source: Kohler

Teased back at last year's CES, Kohler is finally bringing the product to the show floor this year. Kohler calls the Stillness Bath a multi-sensory bathing experience. It has an infinity pool design where water fills from the bottom and overflows into a hinoki wood base, creating soothing waterfall sounds. It has full spectrum lighting around the tub for visual ambience, fog generator across the water base and essential oils for smell. Its fog and mood lighting features can be controlled through the Kohler Konnect app.

Anthem Valves and Control

Image Source: Kohler

To complete Kohler's smart bathroom setup, you'll need the new series of Anthem Valves and Controls meant to customise the showering experience to each user's needs. They support digital interaction through the Kohler Konnect app, and supposedly have voice assistant support as well.

These can be paired with the company's other showerheads. Anthem valves feature the ability to control temperature and flow for each individual outlet, as well as the ability to monitor water usage for water conservation.

H2Wise powered by Phyn

Speaking of water conservation. Kohler also has some smart water monitors that can track water usage throughout your home and even detect leaks with auto shutoff features to help you save water and possibly your furnishings. 

Fancy Smart Faucets

Among Kohler's new launches are a series of faucets for the bathroom and kitchen. The Purist Suspend is a kitchen faucet, with the twist being that it's suspended from the ceiling, hence the name. The Suspend is controlled through a separate puck-shaped wireless remote meant to be placed on the countertop, with settings for temperature, volume and activation. The remote itself is water-resistant, and Kohler claims that the battery it lasts for up to a month.

Image Source: Kohler

Expanding on this field of technologically-advanced water outlets, Kohler is also launching a Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet. A new category for the company, these new faucets do what they say on the tin, and offer touchless access to activation and temperature control, operating off of AA batteries.

Image Source: Kohler

Again, these items have quite a hefty price tag attached to them. The Purist Suspend will cost a hefty US$4,300, not counting installation cost and plumbing costs for running water to the ceiling, while the Touchless Bathroom Faucet will cost US$199

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