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Klipsch’s new X-series brings new levels of quality and comfort to in-ear headphones

By Marcus Wong - on 25 Nov 2015, 4:05pm

Klipsch’s new X-series brings new levels of quality and comfort to in-ear headphones.

The previous X-series from Klipsch won multiple awards for their design and sound quality, and now they’re joined by another four models that have been completely redesigned and re-engineered for even better performance: the X6i, the XR8i, the X12i and the X20i. Of these four, two have just been launched in Singapore – the X20i and the XR8i.

A new flagship in-ear

The new X20is have a super-slim ear-tip for better fit.

The X20i has a completely new super-slim ear-tip that tapers more aggressively than before, allowing it to fit better in the ear canal. These super-slim ear tips also use various thicknesses in material for a more secure fit, resulting in better noise isolation and improved high frequency extension. The better fit will of course, provide better comfort and so allow for longer hours of listening without fatigue.

The true two-way dual armature design in the X20i is also the smallest, highest performing single-driver in the Klipsch line-up. The high-horsepower woofer is paired with a high-resolution super tweeter, giving you a transparent and realistic sound.

Made from injection-molded surgical-grade stainless steel, the X20i is available in a black stainless finish, and is one of the smallest and most durable in-ear headphones on the market today. It comes with interchangeable cables, an Apple compatible advanced three-button mic and remote, genuine leather case, five different sized ear tips and a one-year warranty.

Affordable hybrid

The XR8i features a balanced armature driver design.

The XR8i earphones on the other hand, bring the best of dynamic and balanced armature driver designs together in one earphone, giving you natural sounding vocals, perfectly defined upper frequencies, and rich, low sub-bass. That’s all thanks to Klipsch’s custom single full-range KG-723 balanced armature driver, which comes with a true downward-firing subwoofer that extends the bass performance down to single-digit frequencies, thanks to a 6.5mm dual-magnet dynamic driver.

The KG-723 has great precision and fast response as well as thundering bass, allowing it to handle both video content and electronic music, and Klipsch claims the XR8i is able to create the headroom necessary to drive highly-dynamic recordings without distortion. It uses a pinched oval shape comfort-angled nozzle that has been optimized to fit the shape of the ear. The upward angle and inward tilt allows for seamless entry into the ear canal with minimal contact.

The use of die-cast zinc keeps the earphones optimally weighted to stay in your ear canal, while the high quality, durable rear housing is built from co-molded elastomer. It uses a two-layer design with a rigid inner layer for support, and has a soft-touch pliable outer layer for comfort. Soft, flexible oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of the ear canal for comfortable, long-term wear and create a perfect acoustic seal for superior noise isolation.

The X20i retails for S$999, while the XR8i goes for S$469. Both are available now at select authorized resellers, like Stereo, Tangs and iStudio at Changi Airport.

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