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Kirby and the Forgotten Land will launch on the Nintendo Switch in March

By Tim Augustin - on 14 Jan 2022, 1:13pm

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will launch on the Nintendo Switch in March

Image: Nintendo

Kirby in the post-apocalypse? Sign me up. 

Nintendo has dropped a new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which looks like the franchise’s very own twist on Super Mario Odyssey. The game can now be pre-ordered via the Nintendo eShop, ahead of its release date on 25 March, 2022. 

Here’s the new trailer:

The world is dead. Kirby has a gun. What on Earth is going on? Unlike previous 2D side-scrolling Kirby games, this game takes Kirby into a wide open world with multiple biomes full of enemies and platforming puzzles. Kirby still has his transforming ability, which means he can gain abilities like drilling and sword-swinging to get around obstacles and defeat enemies.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land can also be played with a friend in local co-op multiplayer. Instead of controlling another Kirby, your co-op partner will play as a Bandana Waddle Dee with a spear. They’ll get their own special attacks and abilities in combat, like throwing the spear at faraway enemies. 

Just because the game is set in the post-apocalypse doesn’t mean it’s all jungles and deserts. Players will get to explore frozen peaks, coastal bays, sandy wastelands and colourful fairgrounds - though we can’t rule out jungles and deserts too. There’s also Waddle Dee Town, a hub area that you can build up over time by rescuing other Waddle Dees throughout the campaign. You can visit a cafe, play minigames and stock up on supplies here. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land hits the Nintendo Switch on 25 March, 2022. 

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