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Kioxia announces the 2nd Gen PM7 enterprise SSD

By Ken Wong - on 9 Mar 2022, 12:39pm

Kioxia announces the 2nd Gen PM7 enterprise SSD

The PM7 is an enterprise-class SAS SSD. Image source: Kioxia

Kioxia has announced its enterprise-grade PM7 SAS SSD product set which is an update to the 2020 released PM6 enterprise SSD.

A SAS (Serial-Attached-SCSI) SSD is a NAND flash-based storage or caching device designed to fit in the same slot as a hard disk drive (HDD) and connected via the SAS interface. They are primarily used in enterprise servers and storage arrays with application workloads requiring high availability (HA), high input/output (I/O) and low latency.

Enterprise-class SAS SSDs are meant to withstand heavy read or write activity and have a 24×7 duty cycle being active 20% of the time and the rest in idle or sleep. They also benefit from increased performance, reliability, and security. The PM7 Series is FIPS 140-2 certified and currently under test for FIPS 140-3 certification.

Featuring Kioxia's 5th generation BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory, the PM7 Series delivers sequential read performance of up 4.2GB/s and 720K random read IOPS, achieving approximately 20% performance improvement over the PM6 Series that had 595K random read IOPS. Kioxia says that the PM7 comes in capacities up to 30.72TB, like the PM6 series.

Additional features include:

  • Dual-port to support redundancy for storage systems that require high reliability.
  • Flash Die Failure Protection – a Kioxia feature that allows for transparent disabling of a failing flash chip, while maintaining full reliability at the SSD level.
  • Endurances for a wide range of workloads; read-intensive (1DWPD) and mixed-use (3DWPD).
  • Security options available; sanitise instant erase (SIE), TCG Enterprise self-encrypting drive (SED) and FIPS 140-2 certification. FIPS 140-3 certification is in process and is expected to be completed in 2022

Kioxia says that those interested in the PM7 should contact them for more information

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