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Kingston launches USB thumbdrive with XTS-AES encryption

By Ken Wong - on 8 Jul 2022, 11:05am

Kingston launches USB thumbdrive with XTS-AES encryption

The LP50 comes in four capacities. Image source: Kingston

Kingston Digital has released a USB thumbdrive, the IronKey Locker+ 50 (LP50) that protects its data against BadUSB with digitally-signed firmware and Brute Force password attacks, with AES hardware-encryption in XTS mode. 

The Kingston IronKey Locker+ 50 offers multi-password, Admin and User, options with Complex or Passphrase modes.

Complex mode allows for passwords from six to 16 characters using three out of four-character sets, while new passphrase mode allows for a numeric PIN, sentence, or even a list of words from 10 to 64 characters long. It also supports international characters.

To reduce failed login attempts during password entry, the “eye” symbol can be enabled to reveal what has been typed. Should a User password be forgotten, the Admin password can be used to access the data on the drive or reset the User password.

The speed is dependent on the interface used. Using a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, the LP50 has speeds of 145MB/s for reading and 115MB/s for writing. Using a USB 2.0 port, this drops to 30MB/s for reading and 20MB/s for writing.

With the optional feature of USBtoCloud (by ClevX), users can take and access their data anywhere. LP50 is easy for anyone to set up whether you use Google Drive, OneDrive (Microsoft), Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, or Box for your personal cloud storage. Plus, all the software and security needed is already on the drive so no application installation is required, and it works on both Windows and macOS so users can work from multiple systems.

Available in capacities from 16GB, 32GB, 64, and 128GB, the LP50 is backed by a limited five-year warranty and free technical support from Kingston. Right now it seems to be only available on and is priced from S$46.48 to S$170.18. They do however come with free shipping.


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