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Kingston Fury starts shipping its new high-performance memory lineup

By Aaron Yip - on 27 Jul 2021, 4:44pm

Kingston Fury starts shipping its new high-performance memory lineup

Image: Kingston

Kingston Fury, a division of Kingston Technology, has started shipping its high-performance memory called Kingston Fury Renegade, Kingston Fury Beast and Kingston Fury Impact. The brand is targeting high-end gaming crowds with this new lineup, but there are some affordable options here too. 

Kingston says:

We’re happy to continue to provide the same great high-performance memory and customer service that gaming and PC enthusiasts have come to expect from us, now through Kingston Fury. Whether you’re contemplating a simple budget-friendly upgrade or ready to max out your system’s capabilities for the ultimate gaming experience Kingston Fury has the products for you.

Let’s run through the lineup. The Kingston Fury Renegade DDR4 RGB offers speeds of up to 4600MHz with CL15-CL19 latencies, plus dynamic RGB lighting for anyone out there with a gaming setup lit up like a Christmas tree. Thanks to Kingston's patented Infrared Sync Technology, you can expect smooth synchronized lighting effects among all installed memory modules and you can fully customize the RGB lighting through Kingston's FURY CTRL software or via popular motherboard software control from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and more. If you care not for RGB, you can opt for the Kingston Fury Renegade DDR4 which has speeds up to 5333MHz and CL13-CL20 timings. These come in capacities of 8GB to 256GB (8x32GB). Both varieties feature a dense aluminium heat spreader and a matching black PCB to help achieve these extreme clock rates effortlessly (as well as to look good).

Then there is the slightly less expensive Kingston Fury Beast DDR4, which also comes with an RGB variant. Both of them offer speeds up to 3733MHz and CL15-19 latencies, in capacities of up to 128GB (4x32GB). The non-RGB version has the option of a single 4GB module. The Kingston Fury Impact SODIMM meanwhile, is meant for small form factor machines and laptops, and comes in speeds of 2666MHz, 2933MHz and 3200MHz. Capacities range from 8GB to 64GB (2x32GB). 

You can find more information on this lineup on Kingston’s website and we'll update this space when we get work of local prices.

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