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Kingston adds DDR5 FURY Beast RGB to its memory lineup

By Glenn Chua - on 3 Jun 2022, 10:58am

Kingston adds the colourful DDR5 FURY Beast RGB to its memory lineup

Image source: Kingston

Kingston's FURY Beast DDR5 modules have been out since November of last year, but if you're craving some rainbow lighting goodness, Kingston now finally provides it. Enter the FURY Beast DDR5 RGB, which Kingston has just recently released.

The FURY Beast DDR5 RGB has the same perks that its non-RGB DDR5 siblings share, including Intel XMP 3.0, which means customised memory profiles for the FURY Beast RGB modules, 32 memory banks and a burst length of 16. The RGB is controlled through Kingston Fury CTRL software, and Infrared Sync Technology, which uses infrared light to sync RGB lighting.

Image source: Kingston

Kingston didn't just slap RGB onto the existing sticks, though, as there are some additions (or technically one addition) to the DDR5 modules.

The most noticeable one would be the new heat spreader design to accommodate the RGB lighting, but the more noteworthy change would be in speed. In particular, where the original modules came in 4800MHz, 5200Mhz and 5600MHz options, there is now a 6000MHz option for the RGB memory sticks. The modules will come with voltages of 1.1V, 1.25V and 1.35V, and memory latencies remain the same as previous FURY DDR5 modules, at CL38 and CL40

Overall, the new addition of a 6000MHz isn't exactly groundbreaking by any means, but if you've been looking at Kingston's original FURY Beast DDR5 offerings, it's nice to have some extra options, which also happen to be more colourful.


Pricing and Availability

Lucky for you, there's no waiting for this one. The FURY Beast DDR5 RGB memory modules are available on Kingston's official Lazada store now, and come in kits of two: a 2x8GB kit, with 5200MHz, 5600MHz and 6000MHz options, and a 2x16GB kit, with the 5200MHz, 5600MHz and 6000MHz speeds.

The cheapest kit, which is the 16GB 5200MHz kit, costs S$239, while the 32GB 6000MHz kit, which is the most expensive costs S$539. Kingston also mentioned there being 64GB kits, but there's currently no option for that on its Lazada store.

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